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  • Website link
  • Chestream is the pulse of the internet | The one place to find out what's going on in the world at the moment.
  • Winner at Angelhack Delhi Competition
  • Android App (iOS coming soon)


  • Website link
  • Intelligent video compression that works by extracting faces out of videos.
  • Winner at Facebook Seattle hacakthon


  • PLay Store Link
  • Trickle is a Open Data Visualiser to visualise data from
  • You can also chat with an AI bot which answers questions related to the data and also travel queries.

Gitio Hack

  • Website link
  • "The Best Of the Internets", funny content aggregator.
  • Side project for fun and glory
  • Full stack development
  • Built with bootstrap, flask and UWSGI, hosted on VPS


  • Website link
  • Freelance project
  • Full stack development
  • Built with bootstrap and hosted on Google Appengine.

SubtleNews - Android App

  • Play Store Link
  • In a team project we made an Android app which delivers daily dose of news summary.
  • Uses machine learning algoithms on server side to generate periodic summaries out of links.
  • Worked on deploying and maintaining the server side code.
  • Github Link

Javascript OCR

  • [work in progress]
  • demo
  • Use of machine learning algorithms(primitive) to implement a Optical Character Reader in Javascript.
  • 3rd Semester Self study project (which got extended into 4th sem)
  • source code


  • [work in progress]
  • Play here
  • Flappy Learn is a game which is a protype of a gamified learning system.
  • source

Coupons - Android App

9vine Youtube bot

  • Content Discovery tool for reddit
  • Automatically fetches top posts from the best subreddits
  • source code

InstaConfess - facebook bot

Yugdom twitter bot

  • Twitter link
  • Twitter bot deployed on appengine which tweets interesting links from hackernews and reddit., every 17th minute
  • Automatically follows new users.
  • source code on github


  • LACE = Language Agnostic Coding Event
  • Website for annual coding event of Mathematics and Computing Department of Delhi Technological University
  • Built on appengine, using appengine's native db
  • source code on github
  • [Currently showing just a splash page]


Vine haven


microcode sharing

Python code snippets

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