Introducing Philter

Published on 06 PM Saturday 20 November 2016


We made philter bot at Facebook Global Finals hackahton, held at facebook HQ in Menlo Park at 17th-18th November 2016.

Philter bot applies interesting filters to your profile pictures. Most interesting ones being artistic style transfer filters and face swapping filters. here's an example of the artistic filter in action

We use feedforward neural networks that apply artistic styles to images, in a sequence to generate 8 styles images, and then we morph through them to create a 7 sec video, hence you can also set it up as your facebook profile video. Here's mine

We also achieved another cool thing during the hackathon, i.e faceswapping into gifs.
here's a profile picture

and here's a gif

and here's the faceswapped gif

We translated all this into a conversational interface at the hackathon. The hackahton was everything I expected and a lot more, simply the best hackahton I have attended so far in my fairly long hackathon career. Unfortunately our team didn't end up winning anything at the event, but overall it was an incredible experience.
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